Projector and Screen Installation

I am sometimes requested to install projectors on ceilings and relative  screens.

Projector and Automated Screen Installation

It is a job quite delicate as  involves the Health and Safety of the environment where Projector and Screen are installed. Normally is a two person job as it will need a second person to lift safely the Projector to place.

The Screens may be of different kinds. Fixed, retractable Automated with remote control are my favourite as the Grand View Series of

I am pleased to offer the installation of these items in all of Central London, SW postcodes and nearby.

Job involves

  1. Studying projector/screen specifications.
  2. Decide best possible spot for installation
  3. Fix safely Projector and Screen
  4. Bring Power supply to projector and HMDI wire to designed place
  5. Test and Adjust settings
  6. Tidy wires is necessary or required often with trunking
  7. Centre and Adjust image.

In case your Projector is an Optoma DLP your supplier should be able provide an “Universal Ceiling Bracket”.

A good planning will have you enjoying your Projector in no time with a  minimum effort.

If you are in need to have your Projector Installed just send a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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