Stand Exhibition Fitter for Barbican London

Based in London Kensington I offer Stand for  Exhibitions Fitting and Dismantling Service.

My Services may be provide by quote or by hourly rate.

I can arrange to receive delivery of your Stand, carry it in the designated area inside the Barbican and assembly as from your specifications in time before the scheduled start of the Exhibition.


I am also happy to help with your company items that go on Display.

During the duration of the Exhibition I stay available for emergencies, modifications and general help; when required.

At the end of the Exhibition I quickly dismantle your Stand structure, pack it wisely and load and/or handle to your courier/ driver. When required  I can even After Previous Agreement  drive your vehicle back to you.

When more that a exhibition fitter at Kensington Olympia are required I can help to arrange it.

Alway happy to lend an hand at Barbican to exhibition participants and Shop- fitting/Exhibition fitting companies that may require an extra hand.

Any Questions please Ask.

Available also at Kensington Olympia and most London Exhibitions.

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