I  gladly offer TV bracket installation in London and Kensington. I can install all kind of TV brackets.

Since the flat screen TV have come out all old bulk TV sets have gradually being replaced with more modern, better looking Flat screen TV.

These may be fitted in some support provided usually by the manufacturer or as it happens fixed on the wall with a TV Bracket. This save space, gives a more tidy look at the environment and makes easier to dust off.

There are many kind of brackets the more common are the fixed brackets that often give the possibility of small adjustments facing down or up.

TV Bracket installation of extendable TV Bracket

Extendable bracket are perhaps the most multi-functional as give the opportunity to the TV screen to be tilted in all directions. When pulled totally out these kind of TV bracket transmit an enormous stress to the walls so is important to make sure wall and plugs can sustain the weight.


When required I can source the bracket or install the one provided from the client.

Beware depending on TV weight and kind of bracket In case of plasterboard walls there is some extra job to do.

An extra job I am often asked is to conceal the wires with some trunking. Again I  can source the material.

I can also help with ceiling mounted projector installation and automated (or not) Screen.



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